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500 NANO and CALLISTO - Another vision of sieving

OCCHIO develops your solution with 500 NANO, its ideal system for size and shape analysis of small particles, and CALLISTO, its exclusive software for data acquisition.

500 NANO is an optical granulo-morphometer, comparable to an automated microscope, which achieves optimal dispersion, illumination and imaging of individual particles.

It provides the most flexible and advanced technology to characterise any kind of powders
or granular materials, even transparent or friable ones, ranging from 0.5 to 150 micrometers.

Combined with the powerful CALLISTO image analysis software, 500 NANO is a real time optical sieving system, delivering unprecedented accuracy in granulometry and morphometry of small particles. Giving results within barely one minute, 500 NANO offers a faster and easier control of samples to guarantee the quality of the product to
the customers.

             500 Nano
500 Nano


- Particles range: from 0.5 µm to 2500 µm.
- Representatives measurements in less than 2 minutes.
- Number of particles defined by the user (from one to millions).
- Storage and computing of individual particle characteristics.
- Real-time storage of full resolution particles outlines.
- 16 parameters: sieve-size, width, height, equivalent diameter, roundness, roughness, elongation, convexity, reactivity, crystalinity, hole detection, volume, area, perimeter, shape factor, specific surface.

                                       500 Nano

How does it work?

Put a sample of the product into the dispersion tower. This one delivers the product onto a guided glass-slide. Thanks to specific optics and back-light illumination, crisp clear images are generated in real time… ready to be interpreted by CALLISTO.

In all, 16 parameters are measured simultaneously: size, elongation, roundness …
This analysis software possesses the following functions:

- To create interactive statistics. Indeed, with this software, we will be able to visualize the particle characteristics in 2 or 3 dimensions.

- To compare 2 products or results obtained through different production conditions.

- To publish an identity card for each single particle.

500 Nano               500 Nano

                                       500 Nano


500 Nano500 Nano

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