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Rollprof is a system for the measurement and the storage of profiles (rolls or cylinders).
Developed to be used in a workshop environment, the system is accurate and easy to use.

Thanks to its small size and battery driving, Rollprof enables to take measurements of profiles at positions almost inaccessible, like annealing furnace rolls, leveler rolls without dismantle them.

The system includes two linear sensors fixed in diametrically opposed positions. They measure diameter variations in profile in relation to distance determined by a measuring wheel put on an axis under the measurement rig.

So, we can easily identify the wear zones, the profile irregularities or the positions where tolerances have been exceeded.


Measuring profiles in relation to distance makes it possible to determine where, and by how much, a tolerance has been exceeded : to find wear and determine its source. As the Rollprof instrument is battery-driven and also small it can be used to take measurements at positions where accessibility is very limited, e.g. on rolls in situ on a machine, or inside long tubes or pipes.

When the measurements have been made, the instrument is connected to the battery-driven printer, or the result can be uploaded to a personal computer for further evaluation or storage with the aid of the Profile program (also supplied).

The Rollprof is used when it is desired to measure variations in profile in a highly accurate manner and relate these variations to the position.

The instrument can measure diameter variations axially on rolls or inside pipes. The wheels can also be angled so that radial measurements are possible.

The instrument is supplied programmed with a number of general measurement routines which incorporate sensor resolution, measurement distance, print layout etc.
The various steps appear as prompts on the display which can be answered simply by pressing a button. When measurements have been completed the instrument will ask whether a printout is required.




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