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                 Flame spray process
                 Arc spray process
                 Plasma spray process
                 Detonation spray process
                 HVOF spray process (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)
                 The cold gas dynamic spray process

                         Arc spray process

The principle consists in creating an arc between two metallic wires acting as consumable electrodes. Electric arc is generated between those electrodes, because of a potential difference wires melt and compressed air propels molten droplets into prepared work piece.

One of the advantages of the system is that two different wires can be used simultaneously to produce a pseudo alloy. Cored wires are also available producing coatings with unique properties.

The main applications of the arc spray process are anti-corrosion coatings of zinc and aluminium and machine element works on large components.

Coating properties obtained by arc spraying are better than in flame sprayed coatings. Reason for that is the higher particle velocity.


Thermal sprayingThermal spraying

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