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                 Flame spray process
                 Arc spray process
                 Plasma spray process
                 Detonation spray process
                 HVOF spray process (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)
                 The cold gas dynamic spray process

                 Detonation spray

Detonation gun is considered the first high velocity thermal spray process. It consists of a long, closed at one end and open at the other end, water-cooled gun barrel. Oxygen and fuel gas (acetylene C 2H 2 most common) mixture is fed into the barrel together with coating material, which is in powder form. The gas mixture is ignited by a spark plug. Following detonation melts and accelerates the particles up to about a velocity of 600 m/s. After each detonation barrel is flushed with nitrogen (N2). There are 1 – 15 detonations per second, depending on the equipment used.


Thermal sprayingThermal spraying

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